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#5 Non Lock Nylon Zipper Slider


Material: Zinc Alloy + Brass

Size: No.5 with Long Pull for Nylon Zipper

Slider Type: Non lock

Weight: 1250pc/kg

Technics: Electroplating, Rack plating, Electrophoresis, Painting

Certificate: Oeko-Tex, ISO9001

Application: For nylon zippers which are used in suitcases, boots and shoes, backpacks, golf bag, etc

Slider Types:

zipper slider types

Non Lock Slider  The pull-tab does not lock at any position on the body. No locking mechanism.
Automatic Slider  The lock automatically locks when no force is placed on the tab-pull.
Pin Lock Slider Pins on the pull-tab work on the elements and lock.
Semi-automatic Slider  When the pull-tab is lowered, it locks. When the pull-tab is raised, it unlocks.
Rotatable Silder  The pull moves along a rotating rail. The zipper opens and closes from either the front or back.
Double Puller  Opens and closes from either front or back.


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