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Outdoor & Sports

Outdoor and sports zippers are specially designed for use in outdoor camping and sportswear.

  • Materials: metal or heavy-duty plastic, to ensure they can withstand rugged outdoor environments and frequent use.
  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant: Outdoor zippers often have a waterproof or water-resistant design, featuring special coatings or sealing mechanisms that prevent moisture from penetrating the zipper and affecting the contents of the outdoor gear.
  • Locking Mechanisms: Locking sliders or mechanisms help prevent the zipper from unintentionally opening, ensuring that your gear stays securely closed.
  • Reversed Zippers: Some outdoor products, like jackets and tents, feature reversed zippers (also known as "inverted" zippers) to further enhance water resistance by concealing the zipper beneath a protective flap.
  • Multiple Sliders: Some outdoor gear, like sleeping bags and convertible pants, may have zippers with multiple sliders, allowing for different ventilation options or easy access to various parts of the gear.
  • Large Zipper Pulls: Outdoor zippers often have oversized zipper pulls or toggles that are easy to grasp, even with gloves or cold hands.

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