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Home Textile & Upholstery

When selecting zippers for home textiles, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure the right fit, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Zipper Teeth Material

    • Nylon Coil Zippers feature nylon teeth that, as the name implies, look coiled. The teeth are sewn onto the side tape with polyester thread. Coil zipper teeth are stronger and more flexible than molded tooth zippers, making them a great choice for indoor and outdoor projects with curves.
    • Plastic Molded Zipper's construction makes them strong and practically weatherproof. Molded tooth zippers are the most common option for marine projects because they’re UV and corrosion resistant. 
    • Metal Zippers have polished metal teeth that secure together on the zipper chain. Because they can corrode, we recommend not using metal zippers for outdoor projects.

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Zipper Size

The size of the zipper should be appropriate for the textile item. Larger zippers might be more suitable for heavier fabrics or items that require frequent opening and closing, while smaller ones may work best for delicate fabrics or items with less usage.


The color of the zipper should complement the color of the fabric. It can either blend in with the fabric or serve as a contrasting accent, depending on the design.


textile upholstery zippers use

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