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Jeans zippers, also known as denim zippers or metal zippers, are designed to withstand the demands of denim fabric and the frequent use associated with jeans. Here are the key features of zippers commonly used in jeans:

  • Teeth Material: The metal used for jeans zippers is often brass or copper, commonly used in heavy-duty denim jeans. These materials not only contribute to the zipper's durability but also add a classic and rugged look that complements denim.
  • Tape Material: The tape (the fabric portion to which the zipper teeth are attached) of jeans zippers is usually made from a sturdy cotton or polyester blend that can withstand the stress associated with jeans.
  • Teeth Size/Gauge: For jeans, you'll want a zipper with sturdy, medium to heavy-duty teeth that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Locking Mechanism: Jeans zippers often have a locking mechanism that helps prevent the zipper from sliding down on its own. This feature ensures that your jeans stay securely fastened.
  • Reinforced Bottom Stop: The bottom stop, where the zipper ends, is reinforced to prevent it from slipping off the tape, which can be a common issue in jeans with heavy use.
  • Antique or Polished Finish: Jeans zippers may come in different finishes, including antique or polished options.


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