#8 Heavy Duty Coil Zipper

#8 Nylon Zipper

Model: 0224-10
Size: 8#
Type: A/L
Material Nylon coil zipper
End Type Open-end

Size: #8
Type: O/E A/L
Material: Polyester
Nylon zipper, also called spiral zipper, zipper type is the most widely used. Nylon zipper material is hard, chain tooth bite is around the state, soft threading a strong sex.
The color of the cloth belt and chain tooth relative coordinate, tonal and elegant.
Nylon zipper soft, smooth, bright colors, the most outstanding characteristic is light.

Zipper size  Classification
Close end Open end 2 way close end 2 way open end Chain

Recommended Use of Nylon Zipper

Application Type
3#,4# 5# 7#,8# 10#
Women's underwear, pant, skirts and trousers      
Trousers, children's clothing    
Female chest shirt, casual wear    
Uniforms, training suits, jeans    
Hat, glove, luggage inner bag     
Purse, luggage out bag, shoes, jackets      
Ski jackets, down jacket    
Duffle coat, leather coat    
Sleeping bag    
Camping tent  
Shoes & Boots    
Armament cover    
Canopy (ship), the big tent      
Canopy and framed tent      



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