#4 Aluminum Zipper, #4 Jeans Zips, Handbag Zippers

#4 Aluminum Pants Zipper

Model: 0282-51
Size: 4#
Type: A/L
Material Metal zipper
End Type Closed-end

Size: #4
Zipper type: Close end, auto lock
Metal material: Aluminium
Common uses: Pants, slacks, pockets, purses
MOQ: 4000yds
#4 metal pants zippers are a medium weight and are closed-ended.
These #4 metal pants zippers zippers do not separate at the bottom.
Use when durability is as important as style.

Zipper size  Classification
Close end Open end 2 way close end 2 way open end Chain

Teeth Color

metal zipper teeth color

Teeth Type

metal zipper teeth type

Color Card

Color Card


zipper certificate

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